The Historic Jail Café Umeå

The café is located in the old courthouse, which along with the 1861 jail building itself is among the most historic sites in Umeå. We offer full meals, snacks, coffee, or just a relaxing place to hang out and talk. There’s some table games if things get slow, and free WiFi if you need a quiet place to set up for a while.

There’s a selection of pastries and other baked goods, or, if you’re more hungry, a varied menu with stews, soups, finger sandwiches, and salads, both in traditional local styles and with heavier ethnic influences.

During the summer, we spread outside to the old prison yard. Local bands perform during the evening once a week. During the day it’s a good place to relax, secluded from the city by solid prison walls, under maple shade trees or in the sun. We serve outside as well, coffee, pastries, or anything else on the menu including full meals with a glass of wine or a cold beer if you’d like. Also, the biggest favorite with kids – Ice cream!

Welcome to the Historic Jail Café!




Storgatan 62
903 30 UMEÅ
Tel. 090-12 76 46